Gift-giving is one of the many love languages we humans operate on. As social animals, gifts can be used in a variety of ways, especially to show our love and appreciation for others. Are you looking for a way to show love and appreciation towards someone but struggling because as an eco-conscious person, you just can't pick something out of a random gifting store? Don't worry, we have written this blog to suggest the best ways to gift eco-friendly gifts. 


The question is how do we make a gift sustainable? Can we make a gift eco-friendly simply by buying it from an eco-friendly organization? Do handmade gifts count as eco-friendly gifts? What about the gift wrap we use? And what if we are on a budget?

Sustainability is highly individual as it stands right now. You've to make decisions that fit your lifestyle, budget, needs, and care for the planet if you want to be healthy and sustainable. So if you're someone or are close to someone whose love language is gift-giving, denying gifting isn't a sustainable option. Similarly, if you are a broke student like most of us today, then you might not be able to afford a gourmet hamper with organic teas and chocolate for everyone you know. Keeping these nuances in mind, we present to you, four ways you can give someone a sustainable gift, from product to packaging.

 Use Eco-Friendly Packaging

While there are a lot of options for eco-friendly gifts and consequently green packaging for gifts, we suggest using a fabric wrap. Aesthetic and personal, it is biodegradable and reusable. It does not release microplastics either. 

You can go a step further and replace plastic gift bags with recyclable gift bags and paper envelopes. Check out OBP’s fabric wraps and sustainable handmade gift bags. They are artistic, they are eco-friendly, and they support small businesses.


Buy Reusable Products 

Reusable products are some of the most sustainable items on the market. Giving them as gifts ensures that you are gifting time. Every time the person who receives your gift uses the product, they will remember you, making your bond stronger. These reusable gifts can be anything from a metal straw to a board game, depending on the occasion and the intended recipient of the present. OBP carries numerous sustainable gifts to meet all your present-giving needs. 

Gift Handmade Products

While not all handmade products, many handmade products are sustainable, especially the ones carried by Our Better Planet. When you buy something handmade, and from a small business, you are supporting dreams. While the best way to imbibe something with love is to craft it yourself, not all of us have the skills and the time to do so. In such cases, creators come to our rescue. Artists create every piece with thought and affection, affection that shows how much every thought we have of the people we love is worth. Truly, handmade gifts are the best gifts. 


Give a Gift-Card to an Eco-Store

From GiftGreen India to Our Better Planet, many eco-friendly e-commerce stores have their own gift cards. They are several benefits to gifting a gift card. You do not always know what a person wants or needs. In such cases, giving a gift card ensures you do not add to the clutter at their home. OBP gift cards can be personalized, adding that little extra touch that makes your gift truly a gift of love.

At the end of the day, there are several ways to gift eco-friendly gifts. These are just a few hacks to ensure your gifting is beautiful, both for people and the planet. 


Our Better Planet


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