Natural Laundry Detergent 1lit + Natural Dishwash Liquid 1lit

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Enhance your Laundry experience with Ahinsa Care Natural Laundry Detergent. Made with care in India, our Natural Detergent utilizes the power of nature for effective and eco-friendly cleaning. With full transparency and no greenwashing, our simple yet powerful formula ensures clean clothes every time.

Discover the natural efficacy of Ahinsa Care Natural Dishwash Liquid. Crafted with pride in India, our innovative formula conserves water while delivering effective and eco-friendly cleaning with natural ingredients.

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Total Quantity: 2 ltr

RECYCLABLE PACKAGING: Hygiencally packed in reused Package drinking Water Bottles. No new plastic is generated from your Homes

FREE FROM: SLES, Alcohol Ethoxylate, Sulfates, Phosphates, CTAC, HCL, Sodium Hydroxide, Bleach Etc

Colour: Light Blue

How It's Made

Discover the essence of true sustainability with Ahinsa Care. We don't just pack and sell products; we manufacture, innovate through our expertise, ensuring every step from sourcing raw materials to dispatch is under our watchful eye. Our commitment: 100% natural, 0% compromise on effectiveness.

EFFECTIVE STAIN REMOVAL: Our Ahinsa Care Natural Laundry Detergent eradicates even the toughest grease and stains, leaving clothes perfectly Clean while preserving their Fabric texture.

TOUGH ON STAINS: Ahinsa Care Natural Dishwash Liquid effortlessly removes stubborn grease and stains, leaving dishes clean and surfaces intact.

NATURAL AND TRANSPARENT: We pride ourselves on being truly natural, avoiding any greenwashing. Our products solely contain plant extracts derived from authentic sources, all transparently listed for your peace of mind. Our ingredients are ecocertified, ensuring eco-friendly and trustworthy sourcing practices.

RECYCLABLE PACKAGING: Hygiencally packed in reused Package drinking Water Bottles. No new plastic is generated from your Homes FREE FROM: SLES, Alcohol Ethoxylate,Sulfates,Phosphates, CTAC, HCL, Sodium Hydroxide, Bleach Etc

AHINSA FACTOR: Our commitment to ahinsa extends to our wastewater, which is entirely biodegradable and poses no harm to soil organisms or marine life.



Care Instruction

"USAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Put a medium Amount 2 Capful of Detergent in water for 5Kg Load and spin it for a while.Then add the Clothes and wash. Quantity can be changed depending on the Soiled clothes. Ideally Soak for 2 hrs for better results. USAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Take a small Amount 4ml of liquid on a slightly wet sponge/scrub and wash you utensils. Suitable for dishwasher machine as well."

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