Parama Natural Clarifying and Toning Facial Mist with Turmeric Essential Oil and Pure Chaitri Gulabjal Rosewater – Refreshing Hydration for Sensitive and Acne-Prone Skin| Natural Skincare, 30ml

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This face mist is a delightful fusion of undiluted Chaitri Gulab Rosewater and Turmeric Essential Oil. Specifically crafted for acne-prone and sensitive skin, this face mist offers a refreshing burst of hydration and a revitalizing sensation, leaving your complexion balanced and radiant.

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CONTENTS Rose Water(Steam Distilled), Turmeric EssentialOil(Supercritical CO2 Extract)

How It's Made

• Cleanses and Brightens: Effortlessly cleanse and brighten your skin with a refreshing mist that revitalizes your complexion.

• Soothes Irritated Skin: Unwind with the soothing touch of our mist, perfect for calming and relieving irritated skin.

• Balances Natural Oils: Achieve the perfect balance as our mist harmonizes and restores your skin's natural oils.

• Hydrates & Nourishes: Immerse your skin in hydration and nourishment for a luminous and revitalized glow.

• Prevents Early Signs of Ageing: Combat premature aging with our mist, designed to protect and preserve your skin's youthful radiance.

• Removes Skin Impurities: Bid farewell to impurities as our mist gently purifies and cleanses your skin.

• Skin Toning: Indulge in the toning effects that refine and enhance your skin's texture.

• Soothes Sunburn: Experience relief from sun-kissed skin with the calming properties of our mist.

• Tightens Skin Pores: Achieve a smoother complexion as our mist helps tighten and refine your skin pores.

• Enhances the Mood: Beyond skincare, elevate your mood with the enchanting aroma and refreshing sensation of our facial mist.

Care Instruction

Shake Well Before Use: Begin by shaking the bottle well to ensure an even distribution of the rejuvenating blend. Prep Your Skin: After cleansing your face, pat it dry for a clean canvas. Close your eyes and hold the mist about 6 inches away. Misting Technique: Mist generously over your face and neck, allowing the refreshing formula to settle. Let the mist air-dry on your skin. On-the-Go Refreshment: Alternatively, for a quick pick-me-up, simply spray the mist on your face anytime or as needed throughout the day. Embrace the instant revitalization and hydration. In Face Pack : Blend few drops with Parama Naturals exfoliating scrub to create a revitalizing face pack. Apply the mixture to cleansed skin, massage gently, and rinse off for a pampering and transformative skincare ritual. With Face Oil : In hot and humid climates or for sensitive skin, enhance the absorption of face oils by simply blending few drops of the face mist with your preferred Parama Naturals face oil to create a lightweight and absorbent concoction, ensuring a refreshing and gentle skincare experience.

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