Looking to shop sustainable and ethical without compromising on your aesthetic? Look no more, because OurBetterPlanet’s Conscious Souks organised across India are (and have) everything you’re looking for.

We can see the effects of the changing climate all around us, and we know that the environment is continually growing to become one of the greatest concerns of our time. At such a time, it’s vital to be conscious about the impact of our actions and behaviour on the environment. A simple purchase of something as inconsequential as a t-shirt can massively impact your carbon footprint. It is brands that truly believe in the ideals of sustainability that can help you reduce your impact on the environment, and Conscious Souk is such an effort that helps to bring these brands together.

It is widely assumed that sustainability is inaccessible, which is simply not true. In today’s world, fast fashion is considered the most accessible form of fashion, but in the long run it actually costs you more money and is incredibly detrimental to the environment. Slow fashion, on the other hand, consists of brands that produce using socially and environmentally ethical means, and they have their own stories which reflect deeply in their product. Slow and sustainable fashion not only provides you with unique and fresh pieces, but it also furthers the spirit of environmental consciousness that we all need to adopt at this crucial point in time. Conscious Souk embodies this very spirit by creating a space for home-grown creators and producers to not only sell their product, but also interact with their consumers and tell their stories. These pop-up markets bring in environmentally sustainable brands to the forefront by providing them an offline space, and in this way, Conscious Souk seeks to actively make sustainable shopping much more accessible to the general public.

At the back end, the production team at Conscious Souk works day in and day out to carefully curate markets that appeal to the conscious consumer. Whether you are looking to sell your products at the Souk or looking to buy sustainable fashion, there is a place for you. Know that it is not only a space for buyers and sellers to come together, but also a place to meet likeminded people, engage in meaningful conversation, and take home memories, artisanal snacks, and bags full of beautiful and ethically sourced clothes.

The first edition of Conscious Souk took place in Goa, and the second in its headquarter city, Bengaluru, both of which were highly successful in pushing the idea of sustainable fashion forward in offline spaces. Today, Conscious Souk has reached its 13th edition and takes place in most major cities across India. The upcoming markets include :

  • 16th-17th September – Delhi, Chinmaya Mission
  • 13th-14th-15th October – Mumbai, The Bombay Art Society
  • 25th-26th November – Pune, Sanskriti Lifestyle
  • 2nd-3rd December – Bangalore, BIC
  • 16th-17th December – Kochi, French Toast
  • 3rd-4th February – Mumbai, The Nook
  • 17th-18th February – Chennai, The Folly, Amethyst

If you’re looking for a way to be more conscious about your daily choices, start with the products you choose to consume on a daily basis. For this, attending and splurging on a Conscious Souk is the right place to start.

Our Better Planet