A Pink & Teal Afternoon

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The 'piece de resistance' to your sustainable kitchen presents a set with a Himalayan Pine Needle bio-base that is durable-reusable, and ultimately bio-degradable. Now delight yourself with Italian panache delicate touch pink bowls to hold your snacks & blue party square hangar design plates.

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Product Details

Crafting Technique Handcrafted

Material Natural Blends

How It's Made

The products are all made using fallen pine needles, which are collected via our tribal empowerment program and blended with resin to create sustainable product choices for everyday use. These pines, which otherwise could burst into flames, causing forest fire, are utilised for creating these wares and sustainably reducing the carbon foot prints.

- Each visible pine needle fibre has been picked up by a village worker's hands deep in the Himalayan jungles. Its presence in these products means a potential forest fire was averted somewhere.
With a stunning pink & teal ensemble™, your soirees are sure to be colourful. If someone drops them, they won't shatter!

- Finally, you can control the end-of-life option for these products. This means you can safely bury it in your garden soil, and it will return to nature within a few years, whereas plastic would stay for a thousand years or more.

These products are microwave safe and tested for USFDA standards, LFGB & ISO codes.

- Each set contains a pack of 4 pink fine touch bowls (volume 150 ml) & 4 teal plates (square 24cm x 24cm).

- With your responsible purchase, you avert 19751 grams of carbon and contribute to saving beautiful Himalayan flora.

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